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Non Dairy Creamer for Milk Tea

Milk tea non dairy creamer is perfect to match all kinds of black tea
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    Fujian, China
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    White or Light Yellow
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    Shantou or Xiamei
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Non Dairy Creamer for milk tea

Suitable for obese people who need nutrition drink for the elderly, infants indigestion, and diarrhea after gallbladder disease, hyperlipidemia, chronic pancreatitis patients have some benefits.

Non Dairy Creamer is in the processing of fresh milk into milk powder process, separate the fat in milk products. Non Dairy Creamer is a new and modern food manufacturing and processing of products, because of its good results.

It can increase the flavor and milk flavor. Ingredients include: vegetable oil, glucose syrup, sodium caseinate, stabilizers, emulsifiers, anti-caking Argentina.

Recipe for milk tea:

Black tea 10g, 400g boiled pure water, cane sugar 24g, Jumbo Grand milk tea non dairy creamer 36g, 200g ice cube

Step1: black mixed with boiled pure water,  stir it twice and keep it for 10 mins 

Step2: Mixed aboved tea soup 200g with cane sugar and non dairy creamer, stir it completely

Step3: Put the ice cube into aboved milk tea and shake it 6 times with shaker.

A cup of milk tea is done and enjoyed it.

Chemical and Microbiological Requirement






5% max

Total Plate Count CFU/g:

1000 max

Mould & Yeast CFU/g:

50 max

Colifrom MPN/g:

0.4 max

Staphylococcus aureus:

Absent in 1g


Absent in 1g

Shelf life:

18 months in original and unopened package


25KG per multiply paper bag with poly-inner liner


In cool ,dry , sheltered warehouse with good ventilation

Loading quantity:

590 bags for 1X20' container, 1050 bags for 1X40' container

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